Should You Buy New or Used? - Frankfort, KY

One of the first decisions you should make when going about purchasing a new vehicle is whether you should buy a brand-new model or opt for a used one. There are a number of obvious reasons why you'd lean either way off the top of your head - for example, used cars are typically less expensive, but you might be taking a gamble on quality. How do you know which is the best option for you?

You should buy new if…

  • You want the latest technology. Technology in the auto industry has made some incredible strides just within the past few years. Whether you like staying connected on the go or you want those driver alert safety systems, opt for a new car.
  • You like knowing your vehicle's history. The thing about used cars is you never know quite where they've been. Starting over with a fresh slate offers drivers that extra peace of mind that used cars just don't have.
  • You can afford it. If you can easily cover the down payment and make monthly payments on time, why not? It's nice to have a brand-new set of wheels fresh from the factory.

You should buy used if…

  • You just need a reliable vehicle. Used cars have a bad reputation for being money traps for the unsuspecting buyer, but cars these days are engineered to last longer than ever, resulting in more and more reliable used cars.
  • You're on a budget. Since a vehicle that's three or four years old has mostly the same features as a brand-new one and is just as reliable, why not opt for the more affordable choice?
  • You don't need the latest and greatest. Do you really need Apple CarPlay standard in your car? If you don't need all the updated gadgets and amenities offered in new cars, maybe a used vehicle is the one for you.

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