The Important of Oil Changes

The Importance of Oil Changes | Frankfort, KY 

No matter the make, model, or mileage, the simplest and most effective way to ensure you're getting the most out of your car is to proactively change your vehicle's oil and filter. Changing oil often is more than just a mantra. The numbers don't lie - the $120 cost of a year's worth of oil changes completely outweighs the average $4,000 cost associated with failing to proactively maintain your car's engine*. How do routine oil changes safeguard the health of your car? These are the most important factors.

Engine Lubrication

Engine lubrication is perhaps the most important result of changing the oil and oil filter in your car. In order to produce the external movement of the car, your engine depends on an internal army of rapidly moving parts - pistons, valves, connecting rods, and crankshaft assembly to name a few. Regular oil changes keep this immense amount of movement lubricated, which allows these many parts to cooperate rather than disintegrate.

Particle Wear Deduction

With time and use, the oil that lubricates your engine begins to break down into a sludge, mainly because of the inevitable addition of dirt and debris particles from the engine. They clog your oil filter and work their way into your car's oil. This sludge decreases your engine's performance and eats away at your engine parts. By changing your oil and filter, you ensure that the lifeblood of your car is healthy, and prevent corrosion.

Engine Cooling

Without the proper lubrication that clean oil provides, your engine's many moving parts will produce an over-abundance of friction. Friction makes heat, and in warmer weather especially, this extra friction and added heat can cause over-heating of the engine. Regular oil changes make sure the components of your engine are running smoothly, prevent this kind of added friction, and keep your car from overheating.

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